Lego Gingerbread House Make this a Christmas Tradition

Lego Gingerbread House Make this a Christmas Tradition

What are your Christmas traditions? Do they include building a gingerbread house?  I am loving this new Lego Gingerbread House.  As a child building a gingerbread house felt like one of the most magical traditions ever. Fast forward to me being a Mom to 5 kids and I hate to admit it, but I kind of dread gingerbread house day.  I know, I know call me scrooge, stamp ba-humbug on my forehead.

Maybe it is my lack of engineering skills or the fact that building something with frosting was kind of doomed from the start.  I can never seem to get my house to stand up correct… and the kids want it to look JUST like the one in the picture.  That frosting they give you in the bag is hard as a rock and is not easy to use. I think they call it royal icing.   It is royal alright, a royal pain in the butt… lol.


Lego Christmas Gingerbread House

Once you get your masterpiece complete it then sits on my kitchen counter for a month. Until Christmas Eve when Santas reindeer always sneak in with Santa and take a big ole bite of it. Causing the whole thing to collapse. The kids are then  finally ready to toss the stale piece of art they created a month ago.

That being said you can now finally understand why I think this Christmas Lego Gingerbread House is the best idea I have ever seen.  My kids already love Legos so they will have a blast putting it together. Making it look just like the picture is very doable, after all these are Legos and that is kind of the point.  These can we saved and put together year after year, which in the long run will save me money. Instead of throwing down 15 dollars every year for the candy ones… just use this one year after year!

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