Let Them Be Little ~ Fireman boots and Superman, #MommyMoments

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let them be little, super heroBeing 4 is awesome cause you can dress like Superman drive your toy Batman car around and bring smiles to every one who sees you. He wanted to wear this to go see Dad at work… at first I said no… then I was like GO FOR IT. He will grow up before I know it #LetThemBeLittle

With my older kids I was always looking forward to them getting to the NEXT STAGE and so proud of them growing up…. that I wonder if I missed them JUST BEING LITTLE.  They grew too fast, sure they are still young, but with my younger kiddos I feel like I have gotten better at slowing down and enjoying them in the moment, and just letting them be little.

This week my 4 year old had class photo day at his preschool…. he wanted to wear his animal shirt and his fireman boots.  This is NOT the outfit I would have picked for him to wear.  But then I decided, WHY NOT is is 4, this is what makes him happy to wear and it will be a great reminder of just HOW MUCH he loves those silly boots. So this little champ wore his boots for the photo :).

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  1. What a cutie pie and good for you in letting him be all that he can be! Super sweet!

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