Let’s eat cupcakes, this is the cupcake bus

school bus driver

Watching my children play is one of my favorite things to do.   I love to listen to their silly little conversations and watch them in their magical world of imagination.   I was out working in the yard and my 3 year old decided to “drive” his sisters pink school bus.  I could hear him talking in his sweet little voice as he played …

Time for school

I’m a fireman, fireman Sam to the rescue 

Move out of the way the garbage truck is going to squish us 

Ready to get on my bus?

We’s going to drive super fast, zoom

Let’s eat cupcakes, this is the cupcake bus

Today this is the boy bus, not the pink bus…I’ms a boy too

When I turned around I saw an adorable little line of people that he was picking up and dropping off.  Made me smile 🙂

mommy moment

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  1. That is so cute. The sound of children playing is one of the best sounds there is. Your little Maverick is so cute.

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