Local Soup Feed to Support the Mantia Callender’s Family 12/15 (Caldwell Schools)

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If you are local to the Caldwell area, you may thing about going to support the Mantia family tonight.

Tragically they lost there father/ husband this past month. He and his family were at at CSI home basketball game supporting his Alma mata the weekend before Thanksgiving, when he had a brain aneurysm.  They were able to care flight him to St. Al’s.  He survived the surgery and was in a coma until he had two major stokes and passed away Wednesday, November 23rd.  He just finished his degree last year and started teaching at the Caldwell Freshman Academy this year.  His wife, adopt son, and two young daughters survive him.  This event is to help them hopefully be able to do something this holiday break do something fun.

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