Look what I made- Shoe Decorating 101


Thanks to Michelle for passing along this thrifty tip on how to give you shoes a new look, and spice them up a bit.  She is so talented and I love her ability to think outside the box, and be thrifty!  You can check out more of her ideas at Polka Dots and Pizza.

If you have an older pair of shoes that are still in good condition but you want to jazz them up, you could paint them. I use Meltonian Nu-Life Color spray on my shoes. There are tons of colors to choose from, and the paint goes onto the shoes really well. I have found that patent leather shoes take the paint the best.

After paining them, or if you decided not to paint it is time to decorate! What I have used on the examples below are mostly buttons, fabric and ribbon. Make sure when you glue the accessories on you use some form of super glue. You can use hot glue, but hot glue has a tendency not to hold as well as super glue on shoes. Feel free to copy any of my examples below or experiment yourself!

Simple black open toe with cameo button.
Ribbon with sparkly button
I left these shoes black and added ribbon to the side, a button clasp on front with matching ribbon knot in the center!
These are fun with a leather strap and buckle. Also my fantastic friend Jenna is modeling the shoes!
My feet in a painted red pair!
Black and red ribbon
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