Looking for Guest Posts… win a $50 Visa Gift Card


We will be leaving for our Family Vacation to the Oregon Coast in a few weeks.  Being that Matt and I are  the only ones  running my site I am asking you all for a little help.  I am looking for  guest posts to use while I am gone, that way my blog will still be up and  running even while I am gone. We will still be doing daily updates,  and in touch but spending most the time with our family!

What am I looking for? Anything Family Friendly, thrifty, craft ideas, summer fun, recipes, coupon deals, inspiring, hilarious, ways your family saves, be creative……I JUST NEED YOUR HELP!  ( Of course I will have to approve the content, and keep in lines with what we are all about at A Thrifty Mom)

Who can submit a guest post?– Anyone… Come on I know some of you have tips you are just dying to share! You do not have to have a blog, just send me an email (with the subject Guest Post) . If you are a blogger  this is a great way to advertise your site and link up.

You might win a $50 Gift Card!  All Guest posts that are submitted will be entered to win a $50 VISA Gift Card. (even if we are not able to use your post, you will still be entered to win) So get your ideas to me and you just might win!

UPDATE*** It appears our email button on the top right hand side of our blog is not working… till we get this issue resolved please send  all ideas to our direct email which is athriftymom@gmail.com

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