Looking for Yogurt…I know where to find it

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I just got back from a late night twice the value shopping trip at Albertsons.  I had heard from a few of you that the Caldwell stadium store was out of Danimals yogurt.  But when I got there the shelf was empty BUT the cart right behind the display was full …. plus I asked the manger if he had more and he  wheeled out tons more to fill the display.

This brings up a good point to always look around for other displays for a big promo, also ask if they happen to have more in the back.  Often they will, I do not know how long the stock will last… but as of 10pm tonight they had a bunch left!

  • Buy 4 – Dannon yogurts $2.00 each
  • pay with 4 coupons for $1.00 off from the 6/5 smart source
  • also use 3- twice the value coupons
  • Get Milk FREE instantly with promo for buying 4 yogurts
  • Final price $1.00 plus $.30 tax= $1.30

To view all the Twice the Value deals (double coupons) at Albertsons click here.

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