Luvs First Kid/Second Kid Funny Videos that Moms can relate to!

Luvs just put out 4 new videos First Kid/Second Kid… you can watch them all here.  They made me laugh because it is so true how much we change from our first child to the next.  Now I am not near as bold as the woman in the breastfeeding video I would still have a cover over my baby while breast feeding in public .  But it is true that  breastfeeding in general got so much easier for me with each of my 4 children.

As most of you know my first son Matthew was born missing half his heart (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) .  I breastfed him once right after he was born, he latched right on and ate right away, but then his heart started to fail and I was never able to feed him again.  He was just to weak to eat so I started to pump my milk and he was tube fed.  I though about giving up but it was all I could do to help save my little boy.  The rest was up to the skill of the Doctors caring for him and the grace of God.   We soon found out he was not able to tolerate ANYTHING other than my breast milk or he would have bloody diapers.  So for 2 years I pumped every few hours and then tube fed my sweet little boy.

So yes my first child was NOT typical but it did help me understand the importance of  breast feeding.  My second child was NOT a natural breast feeder, In fact it was REALLY hard the first 2 weeks.  She would not latch on like she should, she would fall asleep and not finish eating, I was sore, full of milk and rather grumpy.  Tempted to give up, but my first child (Matthew) taught me to never give up and keep fighting.  That is what I did, and I was glad because we finally got the hang of  it and breastfeeding my daughter was a wonderful experience once we got it figured out.

My favorite video is the one about going to the park  it made me bust out loud laughing… because it is totally true!

Thanks to Luvs for Sharing this video with me, I was not paid but was given some Luvs Diapers in exchange for the post. 

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