Mac coupon printing problems

macSo this past week I tried my hand at the coupon printing problem on a Mac computer. It was all new to me. Being a video game type of guy, I use a Windows operating system due to how compatiable it is to the game programs verses Mac’s. Before working on it I did some research as well. I found that this has been a very common problem with various coupon printer programs.

So here are a few things I learned, and hopefully it might help out some other. If you have a Mac and know how to fix this, or if you too can confirm these same issues then please leave a comment.

fxFirefox – well the only thing I was able to print was coupons. About every other time the spinning “S” meaning it was thinking, would continue to spin for ever. So if I hit the back button one time then it seemed to fix its little hiccup.

saSafari – I was able to print from RedPlum,, Betty, and Every now and then there would be a hiccup, and the back button press one time seemed to work. Our friend, who’s computer it was, said that sometimes the computer would freeze up all together and the only way to reset it was to unplug from the wall.

I do know that back in the spring this year (2010) that did have a pretty big issue with printing coupons from a Mac. I never really saw that it was actually fixed or not.

Supposedly here are the requirements of your Mac computer to print (but that still doesn’t mean there are no hiccups)

Coupons.comCoupon printing is currently supported on Macintosh OSX 10.3 or higher when used with Safari 2+ and FireFox 2+. Coupon printing is also supported on Macintosh when using Safari under OS X 10.3 and higher – Macs running OSX 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard)


  1. All,

    Since screen resolution is doubled on the Mac you have to reduce the display resolution.  Apple > System Preferences > Displays > Click Scalled button.

    Each time you print your coupons you will have to change your screen resolution to 1280×720 before.  Change it back after.  That should work for you.


  2. hmm can redplum still print with macbooks? i’m never able to print and have to run out for a paper instead. i’d rather select my offers at home and use the printer. thanks

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