load of clothes

Have any of you  washed a crayon with your clothes, and ruined a whole load of clothes?  My friend Mellisa did this the other day (with her kids brand new summer clothes) she was so excited when she was able to get it all out with a “magic recipe” that she was willing to share it with all of you…

Here is the magic recipe:
1 c. Clorox 2
1 c. Borax
1 c. white vinegar
1 c. hydrogen peroxide
1 c. Triple Action Shout
3/4 c. Oxy Magic

It’ll cost you about $30 to get it all but that is better than having to replace your clothes (which I’m sure would cost hundreds). Put your “ruined” clothes in the washer and put all of these ingredients on top of them. Set your washer to hot water and to a heavily soiled setting. The clothes need to soak for at least 30 minutes (so depending on what kind of washer you have- either use soak option on washer or fill your tub with enough hot water to soak the clothes). Then wash normally with your regular detergent.

I seriously do not have a single sign of red or pink in my clothes. I am thrilled with the results. Think of me when/if you have to use this and let me know how it worked for you.

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