Make your own Foamy Soap

Thanks to Money Saving Madness for this Thrifty Tip

I thought I’d let you in on a favorite frugal homemade foam soap “recipe” that I started making about three years ago! This all came about because my kids love that “foamy” soap. I actually love it too because one squirt is all you need and it’s not too much soap for little hands, or big hands alike! Current prices for Dial Foam are around $3.49 and Johnson’s Foam Blaster at $2.95 and up. I can honestly tell you I have not purchased foam hand soap in YEARS due to this great recipe and all the great FREE dish soaps I pick up at CVS!

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Dish Soap like Dawn or Palmolive -I like the scented apple or wildflower and always try to pick up the antibacterial varieties.
  • An Empty Foam Soap Dispenser
  • Water

Here is my favorite 18 oz. dispenser and soap:


And here is the very easy recipe:

Place 2-4 Tablespoons of your favorite dish soap into your foam soap container. Fill with water and shake to mix. THAT’s IT!

You can even refill your favorite Bath & Body Works Foam Soap dispenser like I do in my powder room! This one is only an 8 oz. and my favorite scent to add to an apple container is…apple! Your guests will never know!

I hope you try this and I’m sure you’ll find it a great money-saver! Happy soap making!

Thanks Money Saving Madness!