Menu Plan 4/9 ~ How to feed a family on a Budget

What is on a the menu at our house?

I get an email at least once a week asking me what I feed my family. Most of them are  just wanting to learn how to cross over from the habit of shopping daily for that days menu plan.  While others are convinced we eat  nothing but processed food.  They see the photos of what I buy that week and can not seem to wrap their brain around the idea of cooking from that weeks promo items and your stockpile.

Some of you “type A” personality’s  are much more organized than me, and I am sure there is a rotation chart or something fancy that would make menu planning easier.  But I do what works for me, I plan my meals around the fresh promo items that I get that week.  As well as what I get in my Bountiful Basket that week.  I then use my food storage or stockpile items, as well as freezer items to plan my meals.

Being that I do not write my menu out a week in advance  I am sharing last weeks menu with you!  Hope it helps you understand that eating from your stockpile can be made a way of life,  is both rewarding and thrifty!


  • late breakfast/ early lunch- Hot Oatmeal, and  sliced oranges
  • Dinner- Grilled Steak, Bakes Potatoes and Green Giant Canned Corn



Dr. Praeger's Burrito Bites


  • Breakfast- Hot Oatmeal
  • Lunch- Peanut Butter and Jelly, Apple slices
  • Dinner- Dr. Praeger’s Burrito Bites and  Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs, with a spinach vinaigrette salad

Chicken and Spinach Quiche


  • Breakfast- Cold Cereal
  • Lunch- Tuna sandwich, Carrot Sticks, and chips
  • Dinner- Chicken and Spinach Quiche (recipe will be up later this week)

Monkey Bread



  • late breakfast/ early lunch- Blue Berry Breakfast Cake
  • Dinner- Picnic at Grandmas, Hot dogs, Salad, Jello, Veggies, Deviled eggs, Chips and more.