Meridian Food Bank needs Thanksgiving turkeys

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I am sure most Food Banks are in need, so even if you are not local you may think about donating one to a family in need.

Got this in my inbox:

Hi My name is Mary,  I’m a mother of 7 who’s decided to go back to college. I’m taking classes at CWI this semester. One of my classes is Comm 101. We have been assigned to do a group service project as part of our grade. This is the part I need your help with. The Meridian Food Bank needs Thanksgiving turkeys! They gave out 1000 last year of which 800 were supplied by the Idaho Food Bank. The Idaho Food Bank can only give them 200 this year. They plan on giving them out on Friday the 18th. They could really use the community’s help to make sure that they have enough to give to those in need. Would it be possible for you to mention this on your web site? Their hours are Mon, Wed, Thurs from 12:00 noon until 8:00 pm. Donations could be dropped off then. Blessings to you!