MiniLou Paper Dolls & Products! FREE Shipping codes, PLUS FREE Coloring Book option!

MiniLou   paper dolls, great gift ideas for little girlsMiniLou Paper Dolls & Products! FREE Shipping codes, PLUS FREE Coloring Book option!

Have you heard of MiniLou, my friend told me about this fun new company and how much her daughter loves their paper dolls. I was really intrigued, since I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl. I think my girls would love them too.  These are perfect to put in an envelope and mail to a special little someone… or to pull out and play on a long road trip or on a hot summer day.  I remember when I was sick in the hospital when I was little and my aunt sent me a card and inside was a set of paper dolls… I loved them. Such a simple way to brighten someones day!

MiniLou  bokmarks and paper dolls, great gift ideas for little girls

MiniLou bookmarks are only $1.99 right now for a set of 6, these would be perfect for party favors or prizes at a family reunion. Or just to mail to a special little one to make them smile.  These are not just for girls they also have some fun monsters and woodland creatures too.

You know me I am always looking for a thrifty deal, so I was pretty excited to find some awesome coupon codes that make this a perfect time to place your first order.
Score some pretty sweet deals right now with their two current coupon codes:
Use code: FREESHIP5 for free shipping on ANY order over $5 (score, right!!?)
Use code: MINILOU5OFF30 for $5 off $30 PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

MiniLou Coloring book FREE with 10 dollar orderSAVE!! FREE Shipping PLUS $5 off $30 PLUS FREE Coloring Book on All Orders Over $10!!

So you can get a paper doll set and add a cute book mark (set of 6) and get FREE shipping and  a FREE Coloring book! When you use code: FREESHIP5 at checkout.
minilou free shipping code OR you can place a larger order  $30 or more and get FREE SHIPPING, a $5.00 discount and a FREE coloring book when you use Use code: MINILOU5OFF30 minilou free shipping and five dollar off code

 I am so excited to get my order I will be sure to let you know what my girls think of them! HURRY and grab yours I am not sure how long these code will work, but my guess is they will not last long!

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  1. Thank you for the link! I ordered the monster bookmarks and the farm set for my son. I love toys that help kids use their creativity and imaginations! Can’t wait to see what he comes up with 🙂

  2. ..and if you ever were normal, it left when you had 2 daughters! Lol!
    Special kind of woman has 2 or more daughters! Yikes! Haha

  3. Thank you… and yes my girls love them too. They have spent all afternoon playing with them and building them a house out of a box. They are off in their own little world and i LOVE it!

  4. I remember the McCall’s paper dolls and the new outfit in the magazine each month.

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  6. I loved paper dolls as well, my neighbor and I would play with Barbie and ? Don’t remember

  7. Hi guys if you love these please msg me I would love to show you some that Usborne carries too U0001f60aU0001f44dU0001f3fcU0001f4da

  8. Hi I just msged you! Those are great and since you and your girls love them I am excited to share some info w you!

  9. I used to play with the ones from brookshire brothers grocery store.. U0001f60a

  10. Oh my goodness, you are the cutest and I love your helpers! We LOVE MiniLou… such a great sale! My daughter is obsessed with the kitty paper dolls, so fun!

  11. I loved paper dolls growing up. I bought a book of them for my daughter at hobby lobby. I think I was more excited than she was. lol

  12. Does anyone remember those vinyl static-sticky type dolls we had as kids? I can’t remember their name!
    I can still smell them. . Lol!

  13. I played with paper dolls all the time when I was a girl. You don’t see them too much now adays

  14. I love you but I wish you could help with more Walmart coupons. Where I live that’s all we have…

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