Mom….I love the bus

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IMG_4475Yesterday I told you all about my sweet little Mckeelys bold adventure on the bus.  I am happy to report she made it to and from school safe and sound with a smile on her face.  I wanted to hear all about her first day of school….and all she could talk about was the bus. She must have talked for 10 minutes, I loved listening to her.

Mommy do you want to know what my favorite part of school was?  THE BUS, it is SO cool.  Mom they do not make you wear seat belts, and it is really bumpy, and they do not strap you in so you get to bounce,  The seats are really slippery so when you go around the corner you slide all over….I slid right into the window and bonked my head on the window.  But it is ok, I put my coat on my head.  Mom, that was so much fun I LOVE the bus.”

She just could not get over the fact that she got to ride the “carnival ride on wheels” to school everyday….and the best part no seat belts.  I guess she is tired of me strapping her in every time she gets in a car.

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