Mommy Moments~ Don’t Cry over broken dishes

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mommy moment

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There is a saying … “don’t cry over spilt milk”

Well at our house it should be…. “don’t cry over broken dishes”

Little Maveric, being all boy has learned to throw everything. Everything that he can get his hands on is a “ball” to him.  He says none, duh, fee (one, two, three) and then hucks whatever is in his hand. Food, clothes, toys, my camera, but his favorite is dishes from my kitchen.  Then he throws his hands up and cheers for himself as if he has made the winning touchdown for an all star game.

That is unless his “ball” breaks then he feels bad, and he knows he is in trouble.  Sure I get upset and tell him a firm no… but I have also learned that he is little and does not understand just yet.  So if you ever come eat dinner at my house, don’t be shocked if my place settings do not match….. I will have pretty dishes once my little ones are grown.

FYI –  they are plastic….

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