Mommy Moments- Drive-in Movie Night

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Above is a photo of my parents house.  Which they built on their own when I was little. They cut 75 lodge pole pines, took the bark off by hand and with years of hard work and love, build our family a place to live.  With the end result being a beautiful home, that was paid in full.  This month was our yearly family reunion where all my sibling come together and spend a weekend at home.  We let the kids play, be silly and remember how blessed we are to be family.

Each year we have a theme.  This year my brother was in charge and he picked “Drive in Movie”.  Each family was to construct cars from cardboard boxes.  We had boxed of all shapes and sizes, little bitty up to large appliance boxes.

We had cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes.

We used paint left over from other projects to paint them, and added fun accessories like cup holders, steering wheels, and all sorts of things.

The kids all loved it and spend hours creating their own personal ride.

My Mom and Dad recreated their first car… a two door, purple Gremlin from the 70’s.  But they added a few bucket seats to make sure it was nice and comfortable.

Once we were all done, we voted for our favorites, largest, smallest, most colorful, and many other things.

Once it was dark, we popped popcorn and handed out snacks.  Everyone bundled up with blankets and we watched Bed Time Stories on the big screen in the front yard.  I thought for sure the kids would get cramped or want out of their cars… but instead they all stayed put (many of them even fell asleep) and had a wonderful time.My Mom and Dad reliving their date at the drive-in ….. in their Purple Gremlin 37  years later… and a few grandkids along for the ride.


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