Mommy Moments- Emmanuel Kelly would win my vote

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mommy moment

You know that every Sunday I post my Mommy Moments.  This week instead of posting about my own family I would like to share a youtube video with you.  My cousins posted this on facebook, I clicked on it and it was in fact my Mommy Moment for the week.  It made me smile, cry and celebrate all in a short time of 8 minutes.

I invite you to watch this video as well, it features Emmanuel Kelly  from Australia and his audition to  The X Factor.  I fell in love with this young man, his borther and his Mother.  His Mother inspired me to go grab my own little ones and let them know just how much I love them. As Emmanuel walked out on stage, it was like watching my own little Matthew.  Both of them born into bodies that are not defined as normal… yet the twinkle in their eyes and the smile one their face…. makes none of that matter and you love them even more.

If you can not see the video click here to watch it.

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