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Update **I was trying to clean up my “draft box” on the blog this week (there are over 500 in there.. good grief)  Most them them posts I started and then found out the deal did not work, or was not such a thrifty deal after all.. or the coupon hit its print limit.  Anyway I came across this MOMMY MOMENTS that was suppose to post last December.  But somehow got lost and has been sitting as a draft for 10 months now….. I giggle as I read it and figured…hey what the heck  might as well post it now.  Hope you enjoy it 🙂

mommy moment

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The kids have been out of School for Chirstmas break, there has been lots of spilled milk, drawing on the walls, screaming and sugar melt downs thanks to all the candy canes that have been snitched and eaten off the tree.  BUT there has also been some really cute moments the last few days.

Mommy my babies are “squishing me” I need a bigger bed.


It snowed again yesterday, and of course the first thing the kids wanted to do was go play in it.  I was getting them all dressed up to play outside when I found My 5 year old chillin on the floor waiting for her brother and sister is get dressed.  She made me smile, and I wanted to plop down right next to her…..


Making a Gingerbread house…… the real success is the fact that it still has most it’s candy intact!


Wrapping gifts for friends and family!


And this one…. ahhh well….. at least she had just taken a bath.

Kids are weird!!!


Hope you have had a fun week with your little ones as well!

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