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Having Paulin in our home the last month has been wonderful.  I am so sad this is his last week here in America, and I keep telling him that he needs to come back…. heck bring the whole family.  I admit I was not too hip on the idea of having a total stranger from France come live with us.  But Matt was so excited about him coming I did not want to say no.  It was apparent after our first day what a sweet boy he is, and it has been an honor to share our home with him.

The past month has been crazy busy we have had every day packed full of fun things to try and show him America in only 5 weeks.  Many of them simple things like going the Farmers Market, going to the mall and riding the escalator, swimming at the neighbors pool, going down the “redneck water slide” made out of billboards, neighborhood BBQ’s, ice blocking,  shooting, movies, rodeo’s,  church and much more.   I think this may just be the best summer our family has ever had and we did not even go on vacation this year.  I have been thinking a lot about why.   Most of these things were FREE or did not cost much.  So what has brought so much joy into our summer?

At church a few months ago one of the speakers said that LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E.  He was so right… I think that has been the key to the joy we have felt this summer.  We have simply been taking more “time” with your children.  Normally it is a tragedy or close call that wakes you up and gives you the reminder to stop and enjoy life.  But this summer instead I simply feel uplifted and inspired to try and continue to  give our children more time.