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I am blessed to be able to work from home.  But it is also hard some days to get my work done as I still have all the daily tasks or chores to do as any stay at home mom.  Much of  my work it is done when my kids are taking naps or in bed.  But they also see me at my desk a few hours a day.  How do you explain to a 1 year old or any child for that matter that Mommy has work to do?

It can be a real challenge making sure that each of my 4 children get enough one on one time.  Making sure they know just how precious they are, and the joy they bring me.  Sure I tell them to take their dishes to the sink, or to pick up their socks, or change their clothes. But sometimes the more important words or moments fail to find time in our busy everyday life.

Maveric my 1 year old will grab his blanket, and then come push on my legs (or if I am sitting at my desk,  push me and my chair across the room) saying Mama, Mama.  This is his way of letting me know he needs a little time with me.  Yes some days it drives me nuts as I am busy trying to make dinner and the last thing I want is a 1 year old clinging to my leg.  But the older I have gotten, I have learned just how fast they grow…. and to snatch them up, love of them (even if it is just a few minutes) and know that in the moment nothing else could be more important.  But even I have to remember and make that choice everyday.

I invite you to  have a few Mommy Moments this week 🙂

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