Mommy Moments ~ sick little ones

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I have been taking take of sick little ones for two weeks now… seems like our family can not catch a break.  I am finally feeling better but since then the kids and Matt have all been sick.  And with little ones they all seem to want Mommy to hold them to help them feel better. Or sleep in the middle of  our bed, which leaves Matt and I clinging to the edge and little knees and elbows jab us all night long.  I wish I had some great words of wisdom or witty story this week… but after running on just a few hours of sleep each night…. I got nothing.  But  I can say how grateful I am  for childrens Tylenol and Advil and Popsicle to help them feel better 🙂  Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed I don’t get it too.

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