Mommy Moments ~ Snow Day

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The kids were SO excited to wake up to snow this week.  It had been rather warm, then out of the blue a cold front moved in and brought a little snow storm along with it.  I got my two older kids off to school on the bus then started on round two getting the little ones ready for the day.

Maveric sat inside with his little nose pressed against the window saying, “no out (snow out)” I must officially be old because when I see snow the LAST thing I want to do is go play in it.  But I could not say no to his big blue eyes and his pleading to go out in the snow to play.  Of course he would not keep him gloves on, and his favorite game was to pick the snow up and toss it at me then have me blow on his hands to warm them up. We did this over and over, then right back into the snow he would run.

We had fun playing but his cute little fingers we getting really red so it was time to come inside and warm up.

As you can tell he was not to happy about it …..

Oh he makes me laugh, some times I wish I could just plop down in the middle of the floor and have a good cry too!

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