Mommy Moments ~ The Bestest Milk Bubbles Ever

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Do you ever have those days were you feel like your kids are on a secret  mission to see how quick they can make you lose it.  This past week I had a group of ladies coming to my house.   I was feeling a bit frantic about getting my house in order before they showed up.   It seemed that I would finish cleaning one mess, only to turn around and find my kids had made 2-3 more for me to clean up.

It was lunch time and my kids were getting crabby because they were hungry and I was crabby because I had so many thing  on my “to-do list”.  My4  year old asked if she could have Frosted Flakes  for lunch and I told her sure.  Yip….  I totally  fed my kids a sugar coated cereal and slapped the label of lunch on it (lol).  She was super excited and I was just happy for a quick meal solution.   I poured her a bowl of cereal then started loading the dishwasher.   She was eating with her Sip-N-Spoon and was happily blowing some bubbles in her milk.

I turned around to see milk bubbling over the side of her bowl, and her giggling at the giant milk bubble she just created.  She had never made them that big before.  She was BEAMING with excitement, but trying hard to not smile too big so she could keep blowing.  But at that moment all I could see was MORE work for me to clean up. Just then she said, ” Mommy  did you know vat (that) Frausted Fakes (Frosted Flakes) makes the bestest milk bubbles ever.  This is the best lunch ever”.  It was just enough to make me stop, and see the moment for what is really was and giggle with her.  She was not blowing milk bubbles to create extra work for me.  She was simply being a kid, and enjoying life.

One of the quotes I have hanging in my house helps me remember this, it says …. Life is to be Enjoyed, Not just Endured ~ Gordon B. Hinkley.

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