Mommy Moments- The Cookie Monster at our cookies

mommy moment

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The kids are out of school for the summer, we are starting to settle into a new routine.  I love to listen to my kids play, use there imaginations and pretend.  This week they pulled out the easy bake oven, a package of Betty Crocker cookie mix (that I go for free with coupons this fall) and went to town baking cookies.

At first they added to much milk to the batter,  so they decided they better just eat it 🙂   They then started over and finally got the perfect cookie dough.  They would put the cookies in, then set the timer and would play dress up till they heard the alarm go off.  Then they would all come flying into the kitchen like a herd of cattle coming to check the progress their cookies.  Some batches were burnt, others were  almost raw … yet they all got eaten.

They set one batch to cool, when sneaky little brother spotted the cookies.  He quietly helped himself to one then grabbed the spatula and when back to play with the big kids, with the evidence all over his face.  Next thing I know I have all four kids running back into the kitchen…… “MOM the Cookie Monster ate our cookies”

My cute little cookie monster

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