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While at BlogHer I had a great time. I did not stay at the night life parties, as that is not really my thing. So  I also had a lot of time to reflect on the classes I had attended while in my hotel room alone at night.  It was rather strange for me to be in total silence left alone with my thoughts, something that does not happen very often being a mother of 4 kids.

As I spent that day surrounded by successful powerful women I could not help but feel a little lost.  Sure I aspire to reach some of the same goals they have but I also saw what many of them did to get there.  I saw women around me frantically jotting down notes as to follow in their footsteps.

There are only so many hours in a day, and I personally struggle everyday with how many to allot to each area in my life. My goal is to always give most my time to my family as to let them know they truly are the most important in my life.  Some days I meet this goal but more often than not, I let the constant pull of life get in my way.  Sure I want to have a successful blog, a clean home, be perfect in my duties at church, a great meal planner, give back to those in need…. the list goes on and on.  BUT all of these take part of me…. and at the end of the day I often have nothing left to give to my adorable family.

In the silence of the that hotel room I was reminded how blessed I am to be surrounded everyday with the chatter of my little ones. Everyday I wake up to 4 little ones that think I am the best mom on earth, sure they are crying that they are hungry and make a huge mess for me to clean up….. but  I will only have them for a moment.

I am sure everyone that attended BlogHer came home with their own goals….. and I was surprised to see that mine was to enjoy motherhood more.  For me personally nothing brings me more joy than keeping my family together and spending time with them.  Sure most days are hard.  But no other success in life is more important to me than my family.  Someday in the future when I look back on the path I have taken in life I hope to be at the top, wrapped in the arms of my family.

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