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This last week has been a bit of a challenge.  Matt  got the stomach flu and was sick  2 days…. really sick. We were having issues getting our new server for our site switched over all the way. Our water heater broke, and the new part was damaged in shipping so we were without hot water for 3 days  (thanks to great neighbors for sharing their shower… we smelled ok :)) And without any water at all for a FULL day… which happened to be the same day Matt sanded the newly textured ceiling.  We had a thick coat of fine white sheet rock dust ALL OVER everything, and no way to wash it up.  Maveric was teething and miserable and was up every hour all night long. So you can see the last week has had it’s challenges.

None of these things were my fault I have no control over them…. But I felt like the walls were crumbling down around me.  I am a Mom and I want to fix everything and make my family comfortable and my house “perfect”…..  When I am not able to do that  I feel like I have failed and get kind of down.  As I type this I realize just how crazy that sounds and think good grief Sarah be happy and get over it, but that is hard to remember sometimes.


I was at the eye Doctor with my oldest daughter so I was not able to pick Maleeya up from Pre-school.  Matt picked her up and the first thing out of her mouth was: I wanted to go shopping with Mommy at “Awbertsons” and burst into tears.  We got home about the same time and she was still sobbing.  I was holding her and trying to calm her down…. mean while Matt  is shaking his head trying to figure out why girls are so darn emotional. In the that moment it did  not matter to Maleeya what my house looked like, if  I had a shower, if my site was running, or the fact that the kitchen looked like a crack house exploded…. she just wanted her Mommy. And a few snuggles, made  her world happy again.  I gentle reminder that who I am is ok…. and my Role as a Mommy is priceless.

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