Mommy Moments- You need to share the Mayo with your sister

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It is only natural that my children will fight  some days… but what is a surprise is WHAT they decided to fight about.  Last week I was busy in the kitchen making Cilantro Ranch for our Shredded Pork Tacos.  Mayleeya was up on the counter helping me and my other daughter was coloring at the counter.  I added the mayo and then was off to the next ingredient, Maleeya asked if she could throw away the empty mayo bottle. So I handed it to her.

Next thing I know both girls are shouting and crying.  I turn around to see Maleeya with mayo on her face and Mckeely reaching with all her might for the bottle as well.

You have got to be kidding me… they are fighting over the empty bottle of mayo?  Then I watch Maleeya scrap out a spoonful and gobble it up as if it was ice cream…. trying not to gag myself, I just looked at her?

“Mommy I don’t want to share, it is just so yummy”….

I then tell her, “You need to share the mayo with your sister, let her have some too”

Really did I just say that?  Gag… All in the day of being a mom I guess 🙂

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