Mommy Moments- Daddy is finally back from the 50 mile hike

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They are back… happy to Say they made it home in one piece although a little smelly, sunburned, mosquito bitten and needing  to shave.  They had a great time!

Matt and Paulin left bright and early Monday morning for a 50 mile hike with the boy scouts from our church.  Which left me home alone.  The week had it’s moments… like when the cops showed up at my house .  Or when my oldest let his little brother slide down the stairs, not knowing he had a poopy diaper…. and we ended up with a 14 ft skid-mark down our stairs for me to scrub out of the carpet. 🙁

The days were not bad at all, it was just like Matt was at work but the long nights left me counting the days before he got home.  It did not help that ALL the kids cried at bedtime for Daddy.  It is so nice to normally have him home, and play such an active role in our family.  So when he is gone he is REALLY missed.

He smelled like a campfire, and  like he had been in the woods for a week… but none of us seemed to mind.  We were all just happy to have our Daddy home.

Little Maveric trying to figure out what is on Daddy’s face (6 days without shaving)

Thank goodness I had my #1 helper with me all week.  Mckeely, is always so willing to help her mommy and be the big sister.  Could not have done it without her!

Hope you all had a wonderful week as well!  And that it was filled with Mommy Moments, that helped you remember to enjoy each day!

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