Money Maker on Post Cereal

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Post Cereal

Thanks to Russ for passing this along,

I went to Albertsons tonight and did the Post cereal deal (buy 4 get them for $1.50/box) I had a coupon for $1/2 plus the doublers made them $0.50/box. Great deal. Well I bought 2 boxes of Shredded Wheat along with 2 boxes of Grape Nuts and it kicked out a $1 catalina, so the next transaction I bought 4 boxes of Shredded Wheat and it kicked out a $3 catalina. So it looks like right now, if you have the coupons for Post cereal, you can get 4 boxes of Shredded Wheat for about $2 and get $3 back, for net gain of about $1 and 4 boxes of free cereal (minus tax).

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