Money maze, fun way to give money as a gift

money maze gift idea

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This is a unique way to give cash for a gift. Put the cash inside and close it up. They have to solve the maze to get to the surprise inside. Clever,right? Its also reusable so it can be passed on again and again.

Receiving the Gift is Half the Fun – Combine puzzle games and gift boxes into one with this gift holder puzzle box. It’s a fun, cool way to give a gift.

Make Them Work for Their Gift – It’s ideal as unique birthday gifts for the adults and kids in your lives who love brain teasers, or use it as a funny gag gift to make your teenagers use a little ingenuity and logic to get to their cash.

Great for Christmas and Birthdays – Sometimes cash or gift cards can seem like last minute gifts. But when you include a small puzzle box game, suddenly an inexpensive accessory makes your gift the most popular!

Fun for Kids – These game and toy maze boxes are a challenge for kids, without being too hard to crack or too easy to be boring. Once the puzzle is solved and the gift is retrieved, it can be used as a coin box or secret storage.

Stock Up Now – Pick up these epic gift givers while they’re deeply discounted! They are great for small gifts for men, women, teens, boys and girls. It’s also perfect for small gifts like concert tickets and even jewelry. Your search for perfect gift is over. Order now, add several to your cart.

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