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Before sales or coupons this would have cost $31.00

I was able to get it for 2.97 cents

IMG_1513I told you all last week that my store had coupons for free meat when you bought kraft products. To read that post click here I was able to get $10 worth of meat free with the coupons. Plus I was able to  use .50 cents off coupons on the kraft bbq sauce with doubles it made it an even better deal.  As far as I know the store no longer has these coupons. But check your stores for them.

Update*** to answer all the questions about this deal.  I posted this last night , my family is sick and I am having a hard time being everywhere I need to be and getting the blog done too.  When I bought these yesterday the cashiers machine jammed up so I did not get a receipt.  I was trying to remember what things went with each transaction….but once again I was taking care of a sick family and trying to blog at the same time.  Yes the meat coupon was for salad dressing as well….I bought it but forgot it was part of this deal so it was not in the photo.  I got it free with $1.50 off coupons so for every 1 salad dressing I bought and 2 BBQ sauce I got $2.00 in free meat.  Hope that clears up any questions.

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