Must have foldable water bottle

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These really are a must have around the house. These Foldable Water Bottles (half a liter) are so nice to have. If you do any kind of hiking, biking, camping, food storage, or even if you are like us and have to send your kids to school with a water bottle, these are the best. With the cap and the d-ring clip for it you can hang it, roll it up or cram it into your pocket, or purse. Dont carry those bulky water bottles, use this reusable and foldable water bottle instead and save room in your purse!

And at only $2.29 for one or $2.18 each for 5 of them you can stock up on a great item to keep around!!! AND don’t forget FREE SHIPPING



  1. I’ve seen these at my local Dollar Tree. Figured it was only a buck so I’d try one. Brought it home, filled it with water, then put it to the kid test. Dropped it once on the concrete sidewalk and the side burst out. So, don’t expect too many uses from these. 🙂

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