My Family Reunion

img_1125Over the weekend we had my family reunion on my parents farm out in Middleton.  Every year we have a theme,  this year we were all Indians.  My sister chose this being that it was one of our favorite things to play as kids, and we wanted to pass it on to our kids.  My Mom and Sister made us all Indian costumes.  We ran races, told stories, did crafts, did skits, ate way to much and had a blast.  But I am so tired it is not even funny!

We made tin foil dinners over the camp fire, but we told the kids they had to go on hunt to find the food first.  My mom had stuck big pink ears to potatoes ( making them look like bunnies)  she put  them all over in the trees in her yard. All 17 grand kids went running around looking for the potato bunnies.  My mom has always been so good at coming up with fun games for us to play, that do not cost anything.

Do  you have  any “Thrifty” family reunion ideas?

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