My late night Albertsons Run

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My computer has been acting up and will not let me print coupons the last month or two.  I have just been using Matts computer to print them, but I was  irritated that I have missed out on a few deals.  Last night  Matt (aka my coupon Knight in shinning armor) fixed my computer and I was finally able to print coupons again!

I was dead tired, after working on this weeks HUGE Albertsons promo post (for hours).  It was 11pm and I was in my comfy clothes, no make-up, hair all a mess, looking very much like an “exhausted Mom of 4 at the end of the day”.  I checked to see if the $5 kraft cheese coupon was still available (which means free cheese) and it was!!!! So I printed off my 2 coupons, and told Matt I was off to Albertsons.  So excited to grab my 10 bags of free cheese the last hour of the sale.

Albertsons was full of young college kids, loud crazy wandering around being silly.  There was  a group of girls taking photos of themselves all over the store. Trying to make themselves look “hot” as they posed. If I was going to try and do a “hot” photo it would NOT be at Albertsons in the produce section. But to each their own….  Just then I started to giggle, I always have my camera with me and take photos of what??? Coupons, sale signs, and food I am sure people think I am a little nuts too.


Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but I decided to take a photo of myself…..Go ahead and laugh.  This was suppose to be my excited face, but it looks more like I am getting shocked. Either way it made the crazy college kids look at me like I was a weirdo ( I mean who takes a picture of themselves in front of cheese, it’s only cool to do with veggies, right?)

IMG_4757Before sale price or coupons this would have cost $56.73
I was able to get it all for $1.90

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