My Moms…trash to treasure

Have you ever wondered why I am so Thrifty?  Well it is because that is how my parents raised me.   My mom posted her latest project on facebook, and I just had to share it with you all.  I love that my mom can turn her old junk, into something beautiful.  Here is her post….(thanks Mom for letting me share this with my readers,  I love you)


I needed a cabinet to put our CD-DVD player in. This is my old sewing machine cabinet that I got for my High School Graduation present.


This is a old nightstand I got about 20 years at a yard sale. It was pretty junky even back then but I needed something and didn’t have much money. The years haven’t changed that. I decided to add the two cabinets to make a CD-DVD cabinet.


Okay, watch the transformation. Larry added a little 5 inch addition and I started to paint every thing. I had to take them apart and sand them all down and then I crackled them to make them look old. I took the top of the sewing machine cabinet and made another top with a little back on it.


Here is the new top and the door for the 5 inch addition.


transferring the pattern and beginning to paint.


Paint the branches and leaves first. I added the flowers next. Looking better all the time.


Next I did the doors for the lower cabinet. They sure look alot better than when I took them off.


Larry watched my progress pretty close. I guess I get to do this for our Heritage Cabinetry Business. Who would ever have thought that I would paint custom cabinets for other people’s homes. ( that is my Daddy! love you)


I doesn’t look like much yet, but just wait, it’s getting better


So we stacked it up to give us an idea if it was going to turn out. Larry put a coat of Lacquer and glaze on it, two times. Then take it apart again and put on the hardware.


Finally the hinges and handles are on.


I put the CD-DVD player in and it works good. Can’t even tell it there when the door is shut.
Yeah! I love to paint and I do it best when I am stressed. It relaxes me and makes me happy.


Thanks for letting me share this Mom, it turned out so pretty!  Do you see those logs in the back ground, yes my parents built our log house almost 30 years ago.  They cut the trees down and everything.  It took a lot of hard work, and love but now they have a beautiful home.

My Mom lives in the Middleton area and still teaches tole painting classes. If  you have ever wanted to learn how to paint, she will be happy to teach you.  To sign up or to find out more info you can email her at , make sure you put Painting class info in the title of the email.  She won’t open mail from people she does not know.

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