My New Coupon Binder!!!!!

I few weeks ago I told you all I was going to have to go an a coupon diet, because I could no long close my coupon binder.  Well like most diets it works for a short time, but I failed.  I was still not able to zip my binder closed and it was bursting with coupons.  To see my old binder click here. Now I am sure my old binder would have worked great for me if I was still only getting 4 Sunday Papers but now that I get 6-10 inserts a week I have outgrown it FAST.  One of my readers told me I should check out a new binder from the company Case it.

case-itThis is the Mother of all coupon binders! We bought the 2-in-1 Dual Ring Adjustable Binder, priced at $26.99.  It has 2 sets of 3 ring binders in it, a 3 inch and a 1 1/2 in.  It has an adjustable spine that expands up to 5 inches. Handle with a shoulder strap, zips closed, pockets for everything you might need.  The best part is, it has two dividers ( in photo top right red and grey) they have a velcro strap on them that attached to the side so all the coupon inserts will not shift and stay put.  They are the best idea ever!!!  img_0810_2I was sorting my coupons early in the morning when the I heard a knock at the door.  I was handed a large package, It was a total suprise to me.  Matt had ordered it for me as a suprize for my Birthday.  I was so excited.  But I wanted to try it out for a few weeks to let you all know what I really think of it.  img_0815_2I can  say I LOVE IT!!!!!  It was only $26.99, which is almost what I paid for my smaller binder.  I wish I would have bought this one in the first place.  I now have all my food items on the 3 inch ring and I have all the non food items on the 1 1/2 inch ring.  I keep my money in the zipper pocket on the left and all my store cards on the right, and a pair of scissors in the zipper pocket.

img_0957Like I said before the best part is the little velcro straps on the side that keep everything in place.  I dropped it the other day and it all stayed put, which was SO nice.  Here is a link to the Case It web site….check it out, I am sure glad I did!


  1. Im also curious as to why link says page not available.. Please send us direct info to order.

  2. I want this binder sooo bad…but i clicked the link and it said page not found. I started couponing 2 months ago and I love it…I even hold a class to teach other. please send me the link to find this item because i need a new binder bad.

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