My New look

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So after yesterdays “pick my new look” post  it is time for me to unveil the look I went with.   I was not trying to “look” like anyone else or change who I am…. I was just simply ready for a change.  I have been thinking about it for over a year… two months ago I cut off  6 inches off my hair.  And yesterday I was finally ready to make a real change and picked my new style…..



I totally love it, think it is a fitting new look.  Rather easy to do,  too bad it took me 31 years to get the courage to go short…cause I really like it!

Thanks to Angela Johnson at CocoFringe for my adorable new cut!  I bought a coupon through citysmart several months back, and I am so glad I did… I will going back to see her again for sure!

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