My Thrifty Albertsons deals

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Before sales or coupons this would have cost $185.60

I was able to get I all for $2.40

IMG_1367Now before you get a grumpy at me I want to make it very clear that yes I bought 80 boxes of pasta, but only 15 of them are for my family.  I picked the rest up for my Mom, sister inlaws, and neighbors.  I was just easier for me to make one trip…than for them to drive 30 mins to pick up 10 boxes.  As of yesterday evening they still had over half left, but between 4-6pm they were wiped out!  I have to admit was shocked to see over 2,500 boxes gone in 2 hours.  This sale runs all week, but my Caldwell store does not have any more shipments coming in.

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