My Thrifty Albertsons Deals

Before sale price or coupons this would have cost $151.42

I was able to get it all for $8.34

Plus I still have another $10 catalina to use like cash!!


I was a little worried about doing the Conagra promo on the back page of the Albertsons ad..being that is read Minimum  purchase requirement after manufacturer coupons.  Which is NOT how it normally is.  If my $10 catalina did not print, they can not fix it ….I would just have to return the items and them purchase them again, adding more items to bring my total up to $25 after coupons.  Ist us an ok deal…but much better if it is $25 before coupons.

So I decided to take a gamble and try it as I normally do, and see if my catalina would print.  Before Sale price or preferred card  one transaction would have cost $60.71.  After sale price and Preferred card, 26 boxes rang up at $26.00 plus $1.56 tax.  It is VERY important that you get your total up to $25 before tax…and that every single item you buy is the right size, and variety listed on the promo.


I then paid with 13 coupons for $.50 off 2, the round up event added another $.50 to round each coupon up to the value off $1.00.  Taking a total of $13.00  off, bring my total to $14.17


I then “rolled” or paid with a $10.00 catalina from a prior transaction. My total was now $3.00 plus $1.17 tax =$4.17


I paid, (crossed my fingers) and did the happy dance when my $10.00 catalina printed.  I did this two times and both times my catlaina printed.  The cashier said it was printing for most people, but it  has been on and off all day.


I plan to do a cute Christmas gift with these, so I was pretty excited to get them for only $.13 a box!!

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