My Thrifty Deals

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I am sure many of you have noticed I have not been posting my shopping trips much the last 2 weeks. The truth is I have not really been out much, my kid have been sick almost 2 weeks now, we are continuing to work on our wood floors, and kitchen remodel.  Plus I have not been feeling very good either.  I am now 29 weeks pregnant, with the past 3 babies I have had to be on bed rest towards the end.  So I am trying to take it easy so that does not happen again….the key word is trying.  Between, being a Mom, Wife, homemaker, blogger, church youth leader, and everything else on my to do list …taking it easy is not an easy thing to do.

But here is the blessing, I have a wonderful “food storage or stockpile”, so I do not really need to buy anything.  I can feed my family just fine from what we have in our home.  I have missed out on a few good sales but nothing that was worth taking a sick little out for.  I did make a trip this weekend to both Albersons and Winco so stock up on a few things we needed.

IMG_0763Albertsons  before sales or coupons would have been $23.11

I got it for $7.64

IMG_0694Winco no coupons used…$18.87

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