My Thrifty Walgreens Deals

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Before coupons or sales this would have cost $33.86

By paying with register Rewards from past deals, and using coupons I was able to get it all for $3.88

Plus I was able to get back $26  in register rewards

IMG_2446Last week I was very sick so couponing was not even on my mind.  But Late Saturday night I realized that I had a whole bunch of Register Rewards that were going to expire and I would loose them if I did not use them.  So it was 9:30 Saturday night, and I went out to snag a thrifty deal.  To be honest I was just planning on buying Halloween candy with the $2/1 Nestle & Wonka coupons.  Being that it was the end of the week I assumed the store would be picked over, but much to my surpize I was thrilled to find the store fully stocked with some of  the month long register reward deals.

So I was able to “roll” my register rewards, by using my old RR to pay for new items that will also print out RR.  Just remember you can not pay for another items with the same RR, or a new one will NOT print.  Also remember that you need to have a coupon item ratio.  Walgreens counts RR as coupons, so you can only have one per item.  You will need to have a filler item, that is what the Halloween pencils were for me.

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