My Thrifty Walgreens deals

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Before sales or coupons this would have cost $10.05

I was able to get it all for $1.46

IMG_2463So we woke up to a VERY cold house this morning.  I am still getting use to our new house, so I went to check the thermostat, only to realize it was flashing “replace battery”.  The heat could not come on, and our house was 50 degrees. I needed two AAA batteries, a size I do not normally keep around.  So I wrapped the kids up in blankets, got them some hot chocolate and toast.  Got Matthew off to school, and took the girls for an early morning run to Walgreens.

I wanted to pay with a $7.00 register reward that I got earlier this week.

I bought

  • Batteries for $3.99 ( they were $5.58)
  • Chapsick $2.99 ( printed out a $3.00 Register Reward after I paid)
  • Halls Refresh $1.00 ( printed out a $1.00 register reward after I paid)
  • My total was $8.46 with tax
  • I paid with a $7.00 register reward
  • Brought my total  down to $1.46 ( after I paid $4.00 in register rewards printed out)

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