My Thrifty Walgreens deals

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I told you all about these great deals at Walgreens LAST week, but I did not have time to go  get them till 9:30 Saturday night. ( 30 mins before the sale ended).  I was so busy with wedding stuff for my little sister, hosting people at my house and  running a blog  I decided not to worry about the getting deals this week.  TILL I noticed I was down to the last package of diapers……so off to Walgreens I ran with my coupon binder in hand!  I am glad none of you saw me….I was a sight for sore eyes…yikes!

Before sales or coupons these would have cost $58.94

I was able to get them all for $11.78

IMG_2590The Huggies sale is over so no need to explain that deal.  I did use both manufactrer coupons and in store coupon from the Walgreens coloring book I also used the $5 off $25 coupon from the ad.  I needed to get my total to $25 after coupons so I bought 2 bottles of Nexxus for $5.49 and used the $4 off coupon from the Walgreens November coupon booklet.  Which made them only $1.49 each.  I wanted to pay with a bunch of Register rewards so I got 4 pencils for a ” filler” item, so my coupon item ratio would work out.

Transaction #2

IMG_2592Before sales or coupons this would have cost $9.99 plus tax

I was able to get it for $1.62

  • Dulcolax is on sale for $7.00 this month with a $4 month long register reward
  • The bottle had a $3 off coupon stuck to it.
  • I used the pencils as filler items, so I could pay with Register rewards from a prior purchase  bringing my total down to $1.62
  • After I paid a $4 register reward printed out

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