My Weekly Budget Review June 22-27

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It was a very thrifty week at my house!!!

Price for all the items listed below before sales or discounts would be $277.88

I was able to get them all for $13.02

Plus I still have $15.00 in catalina coupons to use like cash this week.


Walgreens .65 cents click here for detailsIMG_1410

Albersons $6.04 click here for detailsIMG_1361

Albertsons $1.39 for details click here

Albertsons $2.40 for details click hereIMG_1371

Walgreens $1.35 for details click hereIMG_1407

Albertsons .62 cents details click hereIMG_1409

Albertsons .12 cents for details click hereIMG_1420
Albertsons .45 cents click here for details

If you are new to my site, I know you are wondering how I feed my family on the items I purchased for the week.  Well I do not shop like a “Normal” person I stock up on the times that are at their lowest price point for the week.  I bring them home and add them to my Pantry which is full of items  that I use to make my families menu.  My freezer is stocked with meat, so between the pantry and the freezer I do not really “NEED” to buy anything.  Which allows me to only purchase things at a price that I am happy to pay.  Of coarse I have to buy my perishable items every week, like milk eggs and veggies.

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