Need to shop but have kids with you?

One of our readers sent this great tip to us. If you have older kids, then this would work great!
She wrote:

Your web page is so fun. I look at it every single day. It helps me so much.
I took the kids that didn’t have to go to church last night and we had a “scavenger hunt” with coupons. They don’t like to shop so I had to make it fun. So we went to Kmart and I had them find the things I had the best coupons for and I got the best deals there. Stuff I need too. I got Body wash, big box of Crest tooth paste, Secret deodorant, 2 boxes of Band aids, 2 Glade air fresheners and animal treats for our dog all for $4.74 It would have been $21.22.

Thank you for all of your information. The only thing that is a little hard for me to understand is the Catalina’s some times, Its the walgreen’s that confuses me.

Thanks again
Donna H.
Hey what a great idea if you have older kids who can match coupons with items. Keeps them interested playing a game!

For help with Catalina’s read here

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