New Charter School Opening in Caldwell

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hccsHolle asked me to pass this along,

I have been a faithful “thrifty mom”  for a long time and always appreciate your e-mails. When I got your e-mail today it dawned on me that your readers may benefit from knowing about a new education choice for their children coming to Caldwell next year. Heritage Community Charter School is a tuition free public charter school opening next fall with grades K-12. HCCS will be located on the corner of U-stick and Indiana just south of the YMCA. The focus of HCCS is a classical liberal arts education with a strong foreign language emphasis being implemented in dual language spanish immersion classrooms in grades K-5. Open enrollment started today December 1st. Parents can find more information about the school and the link to register their children at our website We would very much appreciate you passing this opportunity on to all your “thrifty mom’s”. Thanks!

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