New High Value Coupon For Scotch Expressions Tape ~ Print It Before It Disappears

It’s almost time to start thinking about back to school supplies.

If Scotch Expressions is on your kids ‘wish list’, be sure to print this new coupon today!!

It’s time to decorate lockers & have one that reflects your child’s personality.

We will match this up with sales as soon as possible!


$5.00 off Scotch Expressions Tape $10.00 or more


  1. Not even close to it!! For Heavens sake children have only been out a few weeks! Commercialism is positively wretched! Even Michaels has Pumpkins, Thanksgiving and Halloween items fully displayed in their stores!
    Please let Children be Children…let them ‘enjoy’ their full Summer break…and for goodness sakes…give the parents a chance to breathe before being bombarded with back to school things to do, get done…it’s only July 10th for gracious sakes!

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