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Bakers chocolate $2.34

Capri Sun $2.48

Cool Whip $.97

Hormel Cure 81 boneless Ham $3.49/lb

Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows $1.40

Kool aid jammers $1.88

Kraft Natural shredded cheese $2.52

Kraft dressing $1.98

Kraft miracle whip $3.88

Lunchables $1.98

Maxwell House coffee $11.38

Planters mixed nuts $5.82

Post Shredded Wheat $2.78

Kraft Stove top stuffing $.98

V8 vegetable juice (6 pack)$2.98

V8 Splash $1.98

Kraft Velvetta shells and cheese $1.98

Velvetta (2lb brick) Cheese $5.48

Woolite oxy deep $3.78


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