No Sew Spring Jacket DIY Idea

My daughter has had this white turtle neck hanging in her closet for 2 years now… and she has worn it once for about 20 minutes.  Before she yanked it off and declared it was strangling her.  It was obvious she did NOT like turtle necks, but I could not bring myself to  get rid of a brand new shirt that still fit her.

Weather is a bit crazy here in Idaho, cold one day and hot the next.  We were getting ready for church last week and my daughters spring dress was not enough to keep her warm in the cool spring breeze.  But the only jackets we had were more for play and looked silly with her formal dress. In a last minute desperate move I ran up to her closet, grabbed her turtle neck and a pair of scissors.  With my kids watching as if I had gone totally mad… they watched me cut a brand new shirt right in two.  I had no idea if it would work or not…. but I have to say it looked really nice. The stretchy fabric did not fray either, even after I washed it.

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